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Kansas Business License

The first step in obtaining a Kansas business license is to choose the right business plan and idea which will include your business name, structure, etc… The next step would be to choose your business entity such as an LLC (Limited Liability Company) or a corporation. Once you’ve completed this step you must secure a domain for your business which hasn’t been taken by another business owner. Next, you must acquire an EIN (Employer Identification Number) from the state in order for the state to keep track of your business and employers, this will also help separate your personal bank account from your business bank account. The next step is to obtain the required license and permit from the state board, you’ll need to comply with state and federal regulations and requirements in order to properly run your business. Once you’ve received proper certification and licensing, you must get your business insured by the Kansas State Department of Business Relations, and once you’re ready you may properly run your business in Kansas independently.

Kansas Contractor License

In order to obtain your contracting license in Kansas the first step you’ll need to take is to decide what type of contractor’s license you’d like to obtain. A general contractor’s license allows you to work on any type of contracting including remodeling, developments, and other general contracting duties without any limits. In order to be accepted for licensure, you’ll need to meet the educational requirements as well as the experience requirements. You must hold a degree from state-accredited 4-year institution and at least one year of work experience under a licensed contractor. Make sure to prove your education and work experience in your license application to the state, as well as including the institution you attended with your transcripts. Once you’ve completed these steps, the next step would be to apply for licensure through the state of Kansas. Once you’ve submitted your document and requirement of experience, you’ll complete the application which will include a $200 registration fee. When you’ve completed your application to become a licensee, your next step must be to take the state contractors exam, once your application for licensure has been approved you may sign up to take and pass the state exam. Once you’ve passed both the contractor’s exam and business and law exam, you’ll be ready to file for your tax identification number and start to practice freely as a general contractor.

Kansas Cosmetologist License

The first step in obtaining your cosmetology license in Kansas is to meet the educational standards of the state, you must have a minimum of 1,500 hours of training at a state-accredited cosmetology program. This program will give you the tools and experience in order to further your progression into your profession and eventually into verification of your licensure. Once you’ve completed your requirement number of educational and experienced hours, the next step is to take and pass the PSI examination. First you’ll take the Master Cosmetology examination and then the NIC Cosmetology Theory Exam, the fee for both examinations will round up to $109 and you must pass both parts of the exam in order to be eligible for licensure. One of the final steps of this process is to apply for licensure through the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology, and make sure to submit your educational hours and required number of experienced hours in the work field. Once you’ve been accepted for licensure make sure to maintain your license by continuing education of 5 hours every 2 years.

Kansas Engineer License

The first step in becoming an engineer and obtaining your license in Kansas is to make sure you’ve completed all pre-licensing courses and required work experience hours. You must earn a bachelor of science degree in engineering or engineering technology at a state-accredited college institution. Once you’ve completed these steps you must pass two sections of examinations, the first is exam is the (FE) Fundamentals of Engineering Exam, and the second is the (PE) Principles and Practice of Engineering Exam. When you’ve completed and passed both exams with a score of 70% or higher, you’re next step is to gain the required experience in the work-field to be eligible for licensure. You must make sure to gain this experience under the supervision of a licensed engineer. Finally, once you’re ready to apply for licensure, you’ll do so with the Kansas State Board of Professional Engineers. Make sure to include all the hours of experience you’ve completed along with your passing examination scores with a required fee of application, once submitted you’ll await for licensure approvals and may practice freely as an engineer in the state of Kansas.

Kansas Insurance License

In order to obtain your Kansas insurance license, the first step would be to complete all your pre-licensing courses and complete the state-approved number of coursework hours. Once you’ve completed your required education, it’s time for you to apply for your insurance agent license. There’s an application fee of around $50 and License ID fee of $5, when you’re filling out your license application form make sure to include your credentials and coursework hours. Before obtaining your license you must submit submit your fingerprints and pass a criminal background check per the state of Kansas, there is a $50 required fee along with your submission of fingerprints. Your next step would be to prepare for and complete the state Insurance licensing examination. Finally, once you’ve completed and passed the state exam, it’s time for you to pass the application review which is approved by the state of Kansas department. Once you’ve been accepted for licensure you’ll receive a certification of licensure via mail and may freely start practicing as a licensed insurance agent.

Kansas Nursing License

The first step in obtaining your RN license is to graduate from a state-accredited nursing program with a baccalaureate degree. Once you’ve finished your pre-licensing courses and required coursework hours, you’re now ready to take the (NCLEX) exam and pay the $200 fee for the exam as well. Once you’ve completed and passed this exam, it’s time to send your application in for licensure. There’s a $300feefor your application and an additional $50 fee for your fingerprinting scan and background check. The next step is for the state board of Kansas to review your application and review your coursework history and grades. Once the board have finished their investigation into your application and approve you for licensure, you’re now ready to practice nursing in the state of Kansas.

Kansas Real Estate License

The first step in obtaining your real estate license in Kansas is to choose a state-accredited real estate school where you’ll need a required 90 hours of semester instruction. Once you’ve finished this step you’ll need to take a course-required exam, when you’ve passed this exam you’ll receive a certificate that will lead you to a state-certified exam which will cover national sections and Kansas sections. Once you’ve completed both sections of this exam the (KDRE)Kansas Department of Real Estate requires you to take a 6 hour contact writing course. As a salesperson in this class you’ll train with a (DB) designated broker who’s experienced in this field as well. Once you’ve completed all these steps you’re now ready to submit your application to the ADRE and accept your certificate for licensure.

Kansas Teaching License

The first step in obtaining your teaching certificate in Kansas is to hold a bachelor’s degree and maintain a GPA of 2.5. You must first complete a residency program which includes experiences for you such as clinical practice and guidance under a certified educator. Once you’ve completed your approved student-teaching hours, you’ll need to take a series of tests through the Kansas Assessments for the Certification of Educators (KACE) and pass these basic skill assessments. In addition to the content assessment, you must also complete the ethic assessment of this examination. The next step is to submit a criminal background check along with your fingerprints to the state board, once you’ve finished this step you may apply for your teaching certificate in the state of Kansas.

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