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Sample Kansas Barber License

Kansas Barber License

As you know for setting up a business in the US you should become licensed for a certain profession. So, this relates to opening a barbershop, as well. You should gain a Kansas Barber License and then start your journey in this wonderful field. Keep reading to find more detailed information on this topic!

How to get a barber license in Kansas?

The process of reaching everything legally may sometimes seem hard and overwhelming. So, it is better to know all the requirements and obtain some information beforehand, then start the journey. As soon as you have the answers to your questions the task will become easy and efficient for you.


Like the other states of the US (such as Florida, California, and Michigan), the KS also has some requirements that everyone must meet.

As stated by the state board, an applicant must accomplish 1200-1500 hours of instruction. Only in this case he or she may be eligible to take exams and after that obtain a required certification.

The lessons are mainly intended for developing practical skills and gaining a lot of knowledge as nowadays hairdressers do a lot more than dyeing or cutting hair.

Here are the topics that the students should cover during the courses:

  • KS regulations and laws relating to barbers
  • Anatomy of the head and shoulders
  • Infection defense by sterilization
  • Haircutting and coloring
  • Safety in all features of the barbershop
  • Ethics in the place of work
  • Disease recognition
  • Hairstyling and bleaching

These requirements are for people who want to pursue a professional career in this sphere. However, there are many of them who just want to gain some knowledge without obtaining a qualification for that. They may acquire some skills for free from social networks via videos or other hairstyling websites.

How much does it cost to become a barber in KS?

The cost may differ from place to place. Here, there is not a certain amount of money that you will spend on becoming a hairdresser. It depends on what course you will choose to study or who will teach you. As well as, there are some types of equipment and supplies that you should buy.

But, after these payments and wastes, you will surely have a high income. According to the statistics, hairstylists earn about $30000 a year and receive tips of 15 to 20 percent of the final cost. Whenever the customers are satisfied with the final result and also with the service, they definitely leave tips even more than the mentioned amount.

How do I renew a barber license in Kansas?

In the other counties of the US, hairdressers have to continue their education and get more and more knowledge on their job. But, in KS it is completely voluntary.

You will just need to renew your qualification annually with a small amount fee of $45. It is very easy as there is even a possibility to renew it online without waiting in long queues and having headaches.

However, if you want to refresh your skills, it is always a good idea to go back to school.

If you want to find more information on this topic you may contact The Kansas Board of Barbering:


Phone Number: (785)296-2211

Address: 700 SW Jackson, Ste 1002

Topeka, KS 66603

How to find out if a barber is licensed in Kansas?

For finding out whether a hairstylist is qualified or not, you may use an online licensure lookup. Here are shown only the people who are from the Kansas Board of Cosmetology (KBOC).

You should fill out the fields by writing the profession and certification type of a person. As well as, License Number and Status. After that, you will need to mention the full name and surname of a person, city, state, and county of him or her.

If you are not sure about the information you provide, you may place an asterisk and use partial search data.

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