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Sample Kansas Banned License Plates

Kansas Banned License Plate

People get rejected when applying for the personalized license, as it contains characters, which are not proper. So, now we will discuss them.

What are the personalized license plates?

Personalized license plates consist of numbers and letters. But unlike standard license plates, vanity plates have meaning. People living in the state of Kansas love personalized plates. That is why you can see a lot of cars having personalized plates. Some people use their names on the plates or something very important for them. But there are types of people, who try to have very extraordinary license plates.

Why do their license plates get banned?

The Kansas Department of Revenue controls the license plates. So, they can reject your request if it does not correspond to the rules. They get about 60,000 applications in a year and reject more than 300 ones.

The common reasons for banning the license plates

There are a lot of reasons that the DMV can ban license plates. So, here are some of them.

  • Your license plate will not be acceptable in Kansas if it contains a cultural reference.
  • The DMV can ban your request if it contains inappropriate words.
  • If your license plate has an offensive connotation, the DMV will reject your request.
  • Your plate must have all in all 7 numbers, letters, or/and spaces. It cannot have symbols on it. Otherwise, the DMV will reject it.

People can use numbers that look like letters to have their preferred word on the plate.

Examples of Kansas Banned License Plates

So, here you can find some examples of the plates banned by the Kansas DMV.

  • 420EDDI- the meaning of the plate is that 4.20 is National Smoke Day of marijuana. That is why it is not acceptable.
  • DICKOUT- it contains the word “Dick”, so that’s why the DMV rejected it.
  • HOTNSXE- the DMV banned this license, as the meaning is “hot and sexy”.
  • GAYMUR- the DMV rejected this license, though it says gamer, it contains the word “gay”, which can be offensive.
  • KILER- this one has reference to violence.
  • PUS CAT- this one contains an offensive meaning.
  • SH1T- here the number 1 looks like “I”, and the meaning is abusive.

If the license plate is banned, the state will let you know about it.

Do custom plates cost money in Kansas?

If you want to have your personalized license plate, you have to pay for that. To get a personalized license plate, you have to pay $45. Then, you have to pay for registration, taxes, and regular fees.

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